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La empresa «Professional» es el fabricante líder de Rusia de accesorios para la construcción de carreteras, construcción y equipos de minería.La empresa fabrica y venta anualmente más de 1 500 unidades de baldes con la

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General description

The main operating equipment for any bulldozer is its blade. Its reinforced steel structure with bended profile allows to effectively handle wide range of extremely complicated tasks for road works, construction and other areas.

Land leveling, soil spreading, cleaning of snow or rubbish, assistance fir development of quarries – when this type of jobs is being done, the main load is applied to the dozer blade, that is why it is important that this type of attachment to be manufactured of high quality materials.

To operate on the soil the dozer blade is equipped with wear resistant cutting edges from below and on the sides, and after they are worn out, they are replaced by new ones. Usually the cutting edges mounted in the lower part are double-sided – this means that after the edge is worn out, it can be reversed and you can go on working. More solid side cutting edges are often one-sided, but with the purpose to improve their wear resistance their structure is thickened. To improve service life and resistance to loads blades are made of high quality alloyed steel.

Crawler general-purpose dozers are equipped with multipurpose tilting and straight blades. The latter can be of straight, spherical and semispherical shape, when ends are closed by side “wings”, to avoid loosing soil during transportation. To ensure protection of hydraulic cylinders and heater the blades are equipped with upper grids or plates.


  • straight
  • standard – applied to do a wide range of different operations,
  • spherical (U-blade) – applied to move considerable volumes of light-textured soils to long distances,
  • semispherical (SU-blade) – combines functions of a straight and spherical blade,
  • angle blade – applied to transport soils in cross direction, to form embankments, to clean a territory from snow, rubbish or vegetation,
  • variable pitch power angle and tilt blade (VPAT blade) – mounted to light dozers and is applied to do minor grading and leveling works.

To extend functionality of motor graders, tractors or loaders, all of these machines can also be equipped with dozer blades.

“Professional” company manufactures all the main types of blades and grubbers for Russian and foreign special-purpose machines: Komatsu, Caterpiller, Shantui, Volvo, Dressta, CHETRA, CHTZ, DST, etc.

Blade production time makes from 5 to 15 working days.

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